culture through technology

Audience Relationship Management

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about our platform


Rimark’s solution empowers artists to engage with fans on social platforms and channels they already use via social ads, scheduled posts, email and SMS campaigns, all from a single unified communication and marketing hub. Rimark generates detailed performance insights—on campaign outcomes and streaming data—and facilitates secure team collaborations with internal and external stakeholders. At its core, Rimark’s platform helps artists save time, leverage data to optimize marketing spend, and grow revenue through deeper audience engagement.

Our mission is to help creators build equity in their audiences by amplifying their voice, culture, and beliefs through the power of technology.










Our values

What guides us

Our Mission to amplify culture through technology is shaped by these core values:

Implement Creative Solutions
•  Make the mundane exciting and interactive
•  Increase efficiency by eliminating redundancies
•  Innovate to create rewarding experiences
Promote Diversity, Access, and Inclusion
•  Respond to the needs of the creator community
•  Empower more creators by boosting access
•  Respect differences & encourage diversity
Foster Trust and Respect to Build Community
•  Promote teamwork and partnerships
•  Take ownership for personal/professional conduct
•  Maintain integrity in all forms of communication

working remotely

International Team

We are a team of international entrepreneurs committed to empowering creators. With more than a hundred years of collective experience in music, business, and technology development, the twelve of us are working to streamline audience engagement and direct communication at scale for individual creators and corporations alike.

Digital communication has been key to our own collaborative experience, so we understand the value of staying connected when physical proximity is not possible. In fact, because we live in five different countries, we've been working remotely from day one, and plan on doing so even after pandemic restrictions are lifted. 

Dozens of collaboration tools have made it easier to work remotely—undoubtedly, they've helped us stay agile and goal focused. Our experience has enabled us to appreciate good design from the designer's and user's perspectives. So we've created an interface that is easy to use, beautiful to behold, and really good at creating efficiencies.