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Rimark is the BrandCash™ marketplace where companies mint coins and communities earn rewards for their engagement.

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Welcome to the future of loyalty

Introducing BrandCash™. The first innovation in branded currencies in a thousand years.
Earn it, buy some, sell it, swap one, secure it and send to anyone.

What is

BrandCash™ is a form of digital currency that’s minted by creators, companies and communities. It runs on a blockchain and is secured by cryptographic technology.

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from creators, companies and communities.

Pay with BrandCash™ and earn even more with select partners.

Available Q4 2022
More coming soon
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If you’d like to mint your own BrandCash™ on Rimark, send us a note and briefly tell the Rimark team about yourself.
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Design your tokenomics

Once approved, the Rimark success team will work with you to customize the tokenomics for your BrandCash™.
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Share CashDrops™

Then you’ll be ready to get your community involved by making an inaugural CashDrop™ to reward them for their engagement.
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Running on Wyre

Rimark has partnered with Wyre, a leading Web 3.0 payment provider to leverage their custodial USDC wallets, global on/off ramp rails, full user KYC, and to provide users with a seamless and secure experience.
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Built on Solana

Rimark is built on Solana, which is the fastest blockchain in the world and the fastest growing ecosystem in crypto, with thousands of projects spanning DeFi, NFTs, Web3 and more.

The Web 3.0 tech stack

Rimark runs on industry leading Web 3.0 infrastructure from Solana and Wyre.

Web 3.0 reduces costs, enables a frictionless system, makes transactions near real time, provides a secure environment, and creates unique opportunities for users and BrandCash™ partners.
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