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Create daily touch points with customers and boost your business with our rewards stack
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Reward points made for your use case
BrandCash™ points enable real-time payments and rewards that help you build your own micro-economy.
Integrate BrandCash™ into your ecosystem and get discovered in our rewards marketplace.
See how BrandCash™ can elevate your business
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The ultimate affinity card
Elevate your customer engagement and discover new revenue streams
Amplify the power of everyday spending with easy-to-earn BrandCash™ points.
See how users can earn with the BrandCash™ card
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Intuitive suite of apps and dashboards to manage funds, digital wallets, BrandCash™ points and cards.
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Hyper-efficient single library of robust functions for tailored integrations with partner apps.
Incentivize any call-to-action by distributing unique BrandCash™ rewards.

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