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Talent Profile

$19/mo for
each Talent Profile

For just $19 a month, access all in-platform data analytics, communication and social tools. Each Talent Profile compiles stats from all connected social and streaming sources, in addition to data generated from in-platform ad, text, and email campaigns. Create and manage as many Talent Profiles as needed.


Team Members
pay $0

As a team member, you can collaborate on multiple Talent Profile teams without paying anything extra. There's no limit. All you need is an invite.

Supplemental Pricing

Ads, Emails, SMS

Freedom to engage. Rimark's pay-as-you-go structure doesn't set limits on the number of messages you can send or receive from your Rimark account. And there is no dollar minimum or limit for Facebook ads purchased from your Rimark account either. For direct messages, a charge for each sent/received message applies at the rate of $0.005 per email and $0.015 per text. Social Ads are billed at the rate set by Facebook.

Rimark Credits

Stock-up on
Rimark Credits

Pre-purchase Rimark Credit Bundles to power your direct messaging and social campaigns. Bundles can be purchased in preset or custom amounts.

direct messaging

SMS + Email
Messaging at Scale

The dynamic duo. Message your fans directly from Rimark's dashboard via email and SMS.
Email Once verified, use your own email address (@ $0.005 per message).
Texting Get a dedicated number and activate an SMS region for $2 per month (plus $0.015 per message)—currently available only in the US. Other regions available soon including North America, South America, Europe, Middle East, Asia, and Oceania.