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If you are an artist who treats music as a business, our tools help you create authentic experiences with advertising on social media and interactions through email and SMS.


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team productivity

Flexible. Affordable. Scalable. No matter the size of your team, our tools can help you excel. Promote efficiency by securely collaborating on campaigns with both internal and external stakeholders. And team members can be added at no addition charge.


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Do you have an enterprise level business with cross-functional teams and large artist rosters? Our platform enables seamless team collaboration and is designed to advance the management of multiple Talent Profiles. At any scale.

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Rimark is a first-party data platform, which requires that users gather data from fans through opt-in forms or directly from platform APIs. We do this to ensure a safe and secure environment for both our users and their audiences—all in compliance with GDPR and CCPA privacy laws.