Enhancing Artist-Fan Relationships with Rimark

Published on
Feb 6, 2023
Written by
James Roeser
Read time
5 mins

James Roeser

Chief Business Development Officer

Key Takeaways

  • By using the Rimark debit card on everyday spending, fans are able to support artists without any additional costs
  • Artists can leverage Rimark to offer discounts and rewards for their fans, accessing new ways to nurture fan relationships, while generating more revenue
  • The Rimark card provides the ultimate online to offline utility and creates daily touchpoints between a business and their customers, expanding traditional experiences beyond siloed transactions
  • With Rimark, it is easy for anyone to create their own rewards card and tap into a network of benefits, rewards and partnerships

Lucy is a twenty year old college student and avid music lover. In her first year of college she went to over fifteen concerts, and even saw the artist Grady perform on three separate occasions. She’s clearly a superfan. Lucy will engage with all of Grady’s social content, support every release, buy merch, and share with friends. She thinks Grady might even know who she is, because he’s liked a few of her comments online and she swears he gave her a wave at the last show. A more direct relationship is developing, and she couldn't be more thrilled.

Now let’s talk about Grady. He’s a developing artist that’s just broken 100K monthly listeners and is about to go on his second round of touring small capacity venues. He hasn’t done much more than break even on his performances, but he’s successfully developing a fanbase and he does well in merch sales. He’s been implementing data tools for his streaming metrics and social engagement, and he also started collecting contact information from fans online and at the merch booth. This has helped him identify his fan base and grow it by nurturing a more direct relationship.

At this point there is clear development in this artist-to-fan relationship, and both sides are excited about it. Lucy wants to connect more with Grady, immersing herself in his creative world and finding ways to support these experiences. Grady wants to cultivate more experiences for fans like Lucy. He wants to establish a relationship with his growing fan base where he can deliver unique offerings for which fans would be willing to support him financially.

Enter Rimark. With our BrandCash debit card fans can support Grady financially without spending any extra money. People like Lucy can use their Rimark card anywhere that accepts Visa and their cash-back rewards can be deposited in the form of BrandCash from their favorite brands and businesses (including artists like Grady). BrandCash are points that hold financial value and can be earned, yielded, and redeemed for products, services and unique offerings. They power micro-economies for someone like Grady. As an artist, Grady is constantly seeking ways to acquire new fans and engage his existing fans by incentivizing their support. Now he can distribute BrandCash as a reward for any call to action from sharing music and generating UGC to attending shows and buying merch. Even better, Grady can offer unique perks for fans that use a Rimark card on everyday spending and elect their cash-back rewards to support him.

Lucy hears about the card through Grady’s social media post and she’s ecstatic. She spends roughly $1,200/month on expenses like rent and utilities, and another $800 on dining, groceries, and lifestyle experiences. Previously she’s spread these costs across her debit card and credit card, but she’s always looking for the best deal and likes cards that will offer her the most points on her spending without extra risks or fees. With the Rimark card, she has the security of a debit card with the benefits of a premium credit card, plus the added luxury of Rimark’s unique rewards network. She sees that the card can enable her to gain exclusive access to interact with Grady and his fans, along with discounts on merchandise, tickets and extra deals when shopping with select partners of Grady. She even notices that her favorite Taco stand on campus offers BrandCash perks, earning her rewards every time she eats there. It’s a no-brainer, she’s getting the card.

Lucy signs up for Rimark’s Basic debit card and receives it in the mail soon after. She begins using it for all of her spending and expenses, including rent, and elects to support Grady in doing so. As she checks out his profile and sees his posts online she’s excited about his latest airdrop offer for fans to create their own video for his latest single. This means that Lucy will earn Grady’s BrandCash after submitting a video – an experience powered by Rimark’s dynamic ability to reward any call-to-action through airdrops.  Lucy brings in her friends, earning BrandCash from referral sign ups, and even more when they submit a video. She’s constantly checking Grady’s social media to see if he will repost her video like he’s seen him do for others. As she’s checking in one day she sees Grady’s latest post announcing an upcoming tour. Tickets go on sale next week, however fans with a Rimark account get early access and discounted prices when they use their BrandCash card. She clicks the link and buys tickets right away, solely using the funds from her Rimark account that she’s earned through everyday spending and airdrop offers. Thrilled about the upcoming show, she copies her unique referral code and shares it with friends, earning a small portion of sales in BrandCash rewards each time a friend purchases tickets from her link.

A few weeks go by and it’s finally show time. As Lucy gets into her Uber, she’s delighted that her driver happens to be playing Grady’s music through DOSE. Little does she know that DOSE actually has a relationship with Rimark, paying it’s drivers through Rimark as they play music. But that’s a story for another day…she’s now arrived at the venue. The line is packed, but there’s a separate line for Rimark holders. Soon she finds her friends and they make their way to the front row. The lights go dark and the fog starts rolling in from the smoke machine. A video starts playing on the projector as the music begins playing. SURPRISE. The video she created for Grady’s single is playing on stage in a montage of fan clips. Grady leaps onto the stage and jams out his first song of the night. The energy remains high all night, through a victorious encore that seems to come too soon. Lucy is left speechless from tonight’s experience. She gathers up her friends and prepares to leave, but not without stopping at the merch booth. She buys a hoodie from Grady and checks out with her Rimark card, receiving a special discount and partially using some of her BrandCash balance to complete the transaction. With all these perks she ends up spending only $18 for a $60 hoodie. It’s been a wonderful day for Lucy. With memories that will last forever, she cozies up in a new hoodie that will forever bring joy.

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