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Make: is a quarterly magazine published by Make: Community that focuses on Do It Yourself (DIY) and/or Do It With Others (DIWO) projects. Celebrating creativity, innovation, and curiosity, Make: has been central to the maker movement since 2005 and has acted as a catalyst for identifying and elevating makers as well as the movement itself. Established around the world, Make:’s community aspect enables access to and interaction amongst its thousands of like-minded members. Make: Magazine showcases educational projects and tutorials for projects of varying complexity, which can often be completed using inexpensive materials and ordinary household items.


Stories about Make:

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Struck Twice!

Learn more about the evolution of @arcattackmusic. Makezine link in our instagram bio.

The Makeys

Now is the time to submit your project to the inaugural Amazing Maker Awards, aka the Makeys and earn $MAKE Coin!

Not just a phase

We're in love with this clock that changes with the moon phase by JCM_MatSci on @instructables.

International Dinosaur Day

Taking a look back at the rideable, mechanical Tyrannosaurus that @izzyswan_woodworking made for their kids!


We love finding projects based on the new JWST telescope like this one by @VegaWoodworks. You can print your own as they've uploaded files to @printablescom.

10 Rules to Win

Here is a sneak peek of what you’ll learn in our latest issue: David Calkins’ 10 Rules to Win at Robot Combat. Learn more at